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Case 2835

Case number: 2835
Application year: 1891




Year of birth: 1882
Home: Eythorne Home For Boys


A's father was a stonemason who died falling from scaffolding in 1885. His mother worked as a mangler. Her health was poor and she could no longer do such heavy work. She did not have enough money to keep her four children. A. went to the Eythorne Home near Dover in June 1891. In early October 1895 he was fostered by a family in Dover and began a five year carpentry apprenticeship. However, less than two weeks later he ran away and went back to live with his mother in Cricklewood, London. He was accused of stealing some items from the Home.

Keywords: Behaviour; Employment; Foster care; Health; Poverty; Running away

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 25 May 1891
2. Letter from Lady Gale 19 May 1891
3. Letter from Lady Gale 3 June 1891
4. Postcard from A.C. Lacy 9 June 1891
5. Receipt of A. by the Foster Parent 7 October 1895
6. Form of Undertaking by the Foster Parent 10 October 1895
7. Letter from Revd Burrows 19 October 1895
8. Letter from Revd Burrows 20 October 1895
9. Report about A. 23 October 1895

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