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Case 512

1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 4 November 1884

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13. At what address and with whom is the boy now living?
College Str. Chelsea - 1 with his uncle Mr. F.

14. Give in full the names, addresses, ages, occupations and earnings of each living relative the child to known to possess either on the father's or mother's side such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, &c.
Grandmother, K., Hillingdon, 74, widow, parish relief
Father's brother, R., Hillingdon, attendant at [?], 10/-
Father's sister, K., Hillingdon Heath, [Hardesled's] wife
Father's sister, [U.], Hillingdon, coachman's wife
Father's sister, H., Hillingdon Heath, Labourer's wife
Father's sister, M., widow
Mother's brother, [K.], Chelsea [?]
Mother's sister, A., Hillingdon, Labourer's wife

15. State whether any of his relatives are in your judgment in a position to maintain him, or to contribute in any degree to his support.
For various reasons none able to do so.

16. Has he ever been convicted? Is so, state the nature of his offence and term of imprisonment.

17. Has he ever attended day school? If so, where and for how long?
Attended school at Hillingdon for four years.

18. Has he ever attended Sunday School? Is so, where and for how long?
Attended Hillingdon School for a few months during two years.

19. Has he ever been in the workhouse? If so, for how long and where?

20. Has he any affections of the limbs, joints, skin or eyes which may have the affect of preventing him from entering domestic services?

21. Is he subject to fits? or has he ever had one? If so, state its nature. Is this child subject to incontinence of urine?

22. Is he at present affected with any infectious or contagious disease, or with scrofula requiring medical treatment?

23. Has he had scarlet fever, or whooping cough or measles, or small pox? If not the latter, has he been vaccinated?
only measles. Has been vaccinated

24. Is his general health good?

I certify that the foregoing questions have been correctly replied to.
Name - signature
Address - Hillingdon. Uxbridge
Incumbent of - Hillingdon
Date - Nov. 14. 1884

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