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Case 512

Case number: 512
Application year: 1884




Year of birth: 1873
Home: Standon Farm Home For Boys


P's father died of heart disease in 1883. There were four children in the family.

Their mother, who had problems with alcohol, often neglected them. P. went to the Standon Farm Home in August 1885. He worked as a pageboy while at Standon and he was also in the Standon Home band. There are two photographs of P. wearing his pageboy uniform and the band uniform. In 1890 he went to live at The Jersey Home for Working Boys in Blackfriars, London, where he did office work. (This was not one of the Society's homes.) In March 1891 P. emigrated to the USA to live with his elder brother. By 1909 P. was married and living in Dracut, Massachusetts. There is a newspaper clipping on file describing the funeral of P's three-year-old son. See also photograph number 23 in the Photograph collection of the Standon Band c.1900.

Keywords: After care; Alcohol abuse; Child labour; Employment; Health; Neglect; News clippings; Photographs

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 4 November 1884
2. Letter from Miss S. c. 17 August 1885
3. Photograph of P. in pageboy uniform c. 1886
4. Photograph of P. in Standon Band uniform c. 1886
5. Letter from Standon Home 31 January 1890
6. Specimen of P's handwriting 31 January 1890
7. Letter from Standon Home 5 February 1890
8. Funeral notice of P's son in Lowell-Courier Citizen newspaper 30 August 1909
9. Letter to Mr Chester 24 May 1910
10. Note from Supt W.F. Harold, Standon Home 9 June 1910
11. Letter from Supt W.F. Harold, Standon Home 20 June 1910
12. Letter to Supt W.F. Harold, Standon Home 26 September 1910
13. Letter from Supt W.F. Harold, Standon Home 28 September 1910
14. Letter to Mr Horsley 25 November 1910
15. Letter to Supt W.F. Harold, Standon Home 14 December 1910
16. Letter from Supt W.F. Harold, Standon Home 17 December 1910

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