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Case 86

3. Letter from the War Office 25 April 1883

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In replying, quote the following Number


House Bdes
25th April 1883


IN reply to your application of the 19th Instant I am directed by the Secretary of State for War to inform you that, but virtue of the power vested in him by the 145th Section of the Army Act, 1881, he has directed the Officer Commanding the B/B Bde R.H.A. to which Gunner F. belongs, to withhold three pence from his daily pay, which sum will be sent to you monthly by the Officer Commanding, towards the support of his child.

I am, however, to make it clearly understood that, as this stoppage can only be made from the daily pay of Gunner F. you will not receive such stoppage should his pay be forfeited by misconduct or otherwise.

Any future application you may have to make on this subject should be addressed to the Officer commanding the B. Battery "B" Bde R.H.A. at present at Woolwich.

I am,
Your obedient Servant,
H.G. Deedes

E. de M. Rudolf Esq.
Secretary of the Church of England
Central Home for Waifs & Strays,
32 Charing Cross SW.

Overwritten: ack. 25 Ap. 83

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