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Case 86

Case number: 86
Application year: 1882




Year of birth: 1873
Home: Old Quebec Street Home For Girls, Marylebone


C and her little brothers were left living in army barracks when their father, a gunner in the Royal Horse Artillery, was put in prison. Their mother had died of sunstroke sometime earlier. C went into the Old Quebec Street Home in November 1882. The War Office deducted three pence per day from her father's salary as a contribution towards C's maintenance. In 1888 C went into service with a Miss L. Later on she went to India with a couple although the details of this are not clear. C's father was discharged from the army in February 1884. By March 1885 he was living in Massachusetts in the United States with other members of the family.

Keywords: Employment; Maintenance; Prison

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 14 November 1882
2. Statement by C's father 11 November 1882
3. Letter from the War Office 25 April 1883
4. Letter from the U.S. Bunting Company 24 March 1885
5. Receipt from War Office 21 October 1886
6. Letter from Edward Rudolf to the Royal Horse Artillery 21 October 1886
7. Letter from Miss L 19 December 1898
8. Copy of a letter from Edward Rudolf to Miss L 20 December 1898

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