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Case 2434

Case number: 2434
Application year: 1890




Year of birth: 1879
Home: St Nicholas' Home, West Byfleet


When A. was about four years old her father became mentally ill. One day he jumped in front of a train while holding her in his arms. Both were rescued but A's arm was crushed under the engine and it had to be amputated. A's father was sent to Broadmoor Asylum. Her mother later became dangerously ill with heart disease. A. went to live in the Waifs and Strays' Society's St Nicholas' Home in May 1890. In 1895 she was placed in a Mrs Malden's "Home for Training Young Servants" in Tunbridge Wells. When Mrs Malden left the town in 1904 A returned to live with her mother who was very poor. Although A. was then 25 years old, several people wrote to ask if the Society could still help her.

Keywords: After care; Disability; Health; Mental health; Poverty; Suicide

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 26 April 1890
2. Letter from Miss D. 19 April 1890
3. Letter from Miss D. c. 23 April 1890
4. Letter from Miss D. c. 26 April 1890
5. Medical Certificate signed by Dr W. 26 April 1890
6. Medical Certificate signed by Dr V. 26 April 1890
7. Letter from Miss D. 1 January 1893
8. Letter from Miss D. 3 April 1894
9. Letter from Mrs Carr, St. Nicholas' Home, Byfleet 18 October 1895
10. Letter from Mrs Cameron 4 October 1904
11. Reply to Mrs Cameron 6 October 1904
12. Letter from Miss D. 4 January 1905
13. Letter from Miss Whitlock 5 January 1905
14. Reply to Miss Whitlock 6 January 1905
15. Reply to Miss D. 6 January 1905
16. Reply to Miss D 17 January 1905
17. Note to Mr Fowle c. January 1905

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