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Case 2716

Case number: 2716
Application year: 1890




Year of birth: 1879
Home: Hillingdon Heath Home For Girls; St Hilda's Home For Girls, Marylebone


M's mother was put into Cane Hill asylum in Coulsdon, near Croydon in South London in September 1889. Her father was a seaman with the Shaw Saville Company. He was away from home for long periods of time and was not able to care for her. M. initially went to live at the Hayes House Home in Hillingdon, London, but she and another girl ran away, claiming they had been ill treated. M. had head lice and was worried that her hair would be cut off. She was at the Marylebone Home for about a month and in March 1891 went to the St Cyprian's Orphanage near Windsor. The case file includes a Christmas card sent to M. by her brother.

Keywords: Complaints; Employment; Health; Mental health; Running away; Siblings

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 3 November 1890
2. Letter from Revd Adderley to The Grange 29 November 1890
3. Letter from M's brother to M. 26 January 1891
4. Letter and Christmas card to M. from her brother 26 January 1891
5. Letter from M's brother to Mrs Worsley, The Grange 26 January 1891
6. Letter from Revd Adderley 13 February 1891
7. Letter from Mrs Fenton 17 February 1891
8. Letter to Mrs Fenton 17 February 1891
9. Letter from Mrs Fenton 18 February 1891
10. Letter from M's brother 20 February 1891
11. Letter from Mrs Fenton 25 February 1891
12. Postcard from Alice M. Lee to Revd Edward Rudolf 13 March 1891
13. Note concerning removal from home 18 March 1891
14. Note concerning case paper 28 March 1891

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