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Case 3326

Case number: 3326
Application year: 1892




Year of birth: 1886
Home: Belbroughton Home For Girls


M's father died of pleurisy in August 1892 leaving a wife and 11 children. He was a weaver, as was his eldest daughter, aged 16. A 14 year old daughter worked in the spinning mill, and a 12 year old also worked. Despite this income and the deceased father's membership of two "benefits clubs", his widow did not have enough money to keep her large family. M. went to live at the Belbrougton Girls' Home near Stourbridge in October 1892. In December 1898 her mother's circumstances improved and M. returned to her.

Keywords: Child labour; Employment; Health; Poverty

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 28 September 1892
2. Notice of Discharge postcard 21 December 1898

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