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Case 3574

Case number: 3574
Application year: 1892




Year of birth: 1893
Home: Harrow Home For Girls; Connaught House Home For Girls, Winchester


S's parents did not look after her so she lived a few doors down the street with her grandmother, who kept a brothel. Two of S's aunts also lived at the grandmother's house "leading immoral lives". In March 1893 S. went to live at the Harrow Girls Home. In May 1895 she went into service, but returned to the Harrow Home in January 1896. She then went to the the Elm Grove Orphanage for Girls in Wimbledon for two weeks. The orphanage was not one of the Society's own homes. S. was considered to be a bad influence on younger girls at the Orphanage and was sent to the Connaught House home in Winchester. In June 1896 she returned to her family.

Keywords: Behaviour; Grandparents; Neglect; Prostitution

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 30 March 1893
2. Telegraph to Waifs Society 25 March 1893
3. Letter from S's father c. September 1894
4. Letter from the Vicarage at Harrow 27 April 1896
5. Notice of Discharge from Harrow 8 May 1896
6. Letter from Elm Grove Orphanage 11 May 1896
7. Letter from S's father c. May 1896
8. Letter from Mrs Rogers 9 June 1896
9. Letter from S's father c. 9 June 1896
10. Letter from S's father c. 15 June 1896
11. Telegraph to Revd Edward Rudolf from Mrs Heynes 16 June 1896
12. Letter from Connaught House 17 June 1896
13. Letter to Revd Edward Rudolf 16 October 1896

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