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Case 4664

Case number: 4664
Application year: 1894




Year of birth: 1889
Home: St Hilda's Home For Girls, Marylebone


I. was part Chinese. She was born in London. Her father was an attache at the Chinese Embassy. He returned to China when I. was about five years old but his wife did not want to go with him. I. was left with her grandmother who was not able to look after her properly. I. went into St Hilda's Orphanage in Marylebone in December 1894. I's mother went to live in Ireland, remarried and had other children. I. returned to live with her mother in Dublin in October 1900.

Keywords: Employment; Ethnic minorities; Grandparents

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 27 December 1894
2. Receipt for I. 11 April 1899
3. Letter from St Hilda's Orphanage 18 August 1900
4. Letter from I's mother 9 September 1900
5. Copy of letter from Edward Rudolf 14 September 1900
6. Copy of letter from Edward Rudolf 27 September 1900
7. Letter from St Hilda's Orphanage 28 September 1900
8. Letter from St Hilda's Orphanage 10 October 1900

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