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Case 4776

Case number: 4776
Application year: 1895




Year of birth: 1890
Home: St Michael's Home For Boys, Chislehurst


E's father was an engineer on a steam ship. He died of a heart attack when the ship was in a Russian port. The stress of this caused his wife to have a breakdown and she was put into an asylum. They were a "respectable" family and although the elder brother wanted the younger children to go into the Society's care, he was concerned about them mixing with the "lower class of children". E went into the St Michael's Orphanage in Chislehurst in April 1895. He returned to live with his brother in 1903.

Keywords: Employment; Maintenance; Mental health; Siblings

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 1 April 1895
2. Letter from Miss Savage 27 March 1895
3. Letter from Dr B. containing medical examination 1 April 1895
4. Letter from St Mary's 18 April 1895
5. Letter from Miss Savage 27 April 1895
6. Letter from St Mary's 29 April 1895
7. Letter from Miss Savage 1 May 1895
8. Letter to E's brother 11 February 1902
9. Letter from E's brother 27 May 1903
10. Letter from E's brother 31 July 1903
11. Letter to the Matron, St Michael's Orphanage 5 August 1903
12. Letter to E's brother 5 August 1903
13. Postcard from E's brother 6 August 1903
14. Letter from E's brother 18 August 1903

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