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Case 5505

Case number: 5505
Application year: 1896




Year of birth: 1889
Home: St Faith's Home For Girls, Torquay; Belbroughton Home For Girls


M., seven and her sister C., ten, are jointly covered by this file (See also 5504). They also had three brothers. Their mother died of influenza in 1892 and their father remarried and had two more children with their stepmother. The stepmother ill treated the five children that were not her own. In July 1896 she was sentenced to six weeks hard labour for cruelty. A newspaper report of the court case is on the file. The girls went to live at St Faith's Home in Torquay, Devon in August 1896. In April 1900 C. was transferred to the Belbroughton Home in Worcestershire because she was badly behaved. She went into service in April 1901. In 1905 M. also went into service.

Keywords: Abuse; Behaviour; Employment; News clippings; Prison; Siblings

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 1 August 1896
2. Cruelty to a child at Salisbury, newspaper clipping, c. 30 July 1896
3. Letter from St Michael's Home 14 August 1896
4. Extract of a letter from St Faith's Home 5 April 1900
5. Notice of discharge 27 May 1901
6. Letter from St Michael's Home 29 February 1904
7. Letter to St Faith's Home 1 March 1904
8. Letter from St Faith's Home 29 August 1905
9. Letter from a former employer of C c. 25 April 1906

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