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Case 5929

Case number: 5929
Application year: 1897




Year of birth: 1890
Home: Rock Ferry Home For Boys; Hedgerley Court Farm Home For Boys


G's father died of a heart attack in June 1896. His mother was not strong enough to go out to work full time. The family owned a horse and cart but it was not making them any money and the horse had become lame and could not be sold. G. was admitted to the Rock Ferry Home near Birkenhead in April 1897 and in August 1903 was transferred to the Hedgerley Court Farm Home, Buckinghamshire. In late 1904 his mother requested that he be returned home to help her. She had been working cleaning Church schools but because of a decision that this had to be done by a married couple she was out of work and dependent on money from the Poor Law authorities and the wages of her eldest son. A situation had been found for G. at Mackie and Gladstone, Ale and Spirit Merchants where he would label bottles at 8/- a week. It was recognised that this would be a disappointment for him on a personal level as he liked the country life. He had hoped to become a gardener and could have transferred to St Benet's Home, Caversham to learn the trade; but it was felt that his mother needed him and he returned home in December 1904.

Keywords: Employment; Health; Poverty; School; Law

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 11 March 1897
2. Letter from the Honorary Secretary of the Rock Ferry Home 5 April 1897
3. Letter from Mrs E. Stevenson, Hedgerley Farm Home c. 16 August 1903
4. Copy letter to Mrs Ernest Peel, Rock Ferry Home 17 August 1903
5. Copy letter to The Master, Hedgerley Farm Home 17 August 1903
6. Letter from Eliza Peel, Rock Ferry 21 August 1903
7. Letter from G's mother December 1904
8. Copy letter to Miss W. 9 December 1904
9. Postcard from Miss W. 13 December 1904
10. Letter from Miss W. 16 December 1904
11. Copy letter to Miss W. 17 December 1904
12. Copy letter to Mr Smith 17 December 1904
13. Copy letter to Mrs Stevenson 17 December 1904

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