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Case 5959

Case number: 5959
Application year: 1897




Year of birth: 1885
Home: Foster Care


F's father was dead and she lived in wretched surroundings with her mother and stepfather. Her mother was a weak woman and her stepfather was rough and always treated F. unkindly and cruelly. Mrs C. making the application to the Society noted that "the language used in the house is dreadful." She felt that the child had no chance of growing up respectably if she remained there. F's sister had been brought up in the Arnold Grove Home for Girls in Nottingham and was doing well in service. Mrs C. wanted F. to be sent to St Barnabas's Home in Newark, but they took slightly older girls, and as many of these girls were "very rough and troublesome" the authorities of the Home were concerned that F. might find life difficult. There were some vacancies at the Atlay Orphanage in Longworth, Hereford and it was decided to send F. there. This Orphanage was not one of the Society's Homes but they sometimes placed children there. F. was admitted to the Orphanage on 22 May 1897. She remained there until she went out to service in Leominster on 12 November 1900.

Keywords: Abuse; Neglect; Poverty; Stepparents

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society March 1897
2. Letter from Mrs C. asking for help for F. 22 March 1897
3. Letter from St Barnabas Home, Newark 7 April 1897
4. Card from Mrs C. 9 April 1897
5. Letter from the Atlay Orphanage, Hereford informing the Society that they have vacancies and asking them to send some girls 4 November 1896
6. Letter from the Atlay Orphanage about F. April 1897
7. Letter from the Atlay Orphanage agreeing to take F. 23 April 1897
8. Card confirming F's arrival in Hereford 23 May 1897
9. Letter concerning maintenance payments 2 June 1900
10. Notice of discharge 14 November 1900

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