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Case 6537

Case number: 6537
Application year: 1898




Year of birth: 1886
Home: Sunnyside Home For Boys, Frome


H. was an orphan. His mother had died in 1889 and his father in May 1898 from heart disease. H's father had moved to Clapham when he became too ill to follow his former trade and had secured a position as a Coachman. Since his father's death H. had been living with his grandmother who had been allowed to continue living in the mews for a while. At the time of the application she was soon going to leave and live with a friend. It would not be possible for her to provide a home for H. H's brother E. was going to have to provide a home for himself and as his wages were not high he would not be in a position to assist his brother. Unless H. was to be helped by the Society he would have to enter the Workhouse. On 7 July 1898 the boy was admitted to Sunnyside Home for Boys, Frome, Somerset. He remained there until 10 July 1900 when he was transferred to Wingfield House, Home for Working Lads in the South Lambeth Road. This was not one of the Society's Homes. The case file contains correspondence relating to Wingfield House and the principles on which it was run. On 18 March 1901 H. returned to live with his grandmother. The Honorary Secretary of Wingfield House informed the Waifs and Strays' Society that H. had left them. They felt that it had been convenient for H's relatives to leave him in a Home when he was at school and had to be completely provided for, however once he was earning 8/- a week they started to induce him to stay away from the Home without permission. The family were "fairly well to do people" and it was felt that they could have contributed to the boy's support had they been pressed.

Keywords: Employment; Grandparents; Health; Maintenance; School

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 21 June 1898
2. Letter from Revd D. of St Saviour's, Clapham concerning H's circumstances 18 June 1898
3. Letter from Revd D. about H's acceptance by the Society 28 June 1898
4. Letter about the Clapham Fund 28 June 1898
5. Letter from Mr C.A. Stein, the Director of Wingfield House offering places to orphan boys 16 June 1900
6. Copy letter from Waifs and Strays' Society to Mr C. A. Stein requesting help with certain boys and asking about the age range in the Home 21 June 1900
7. Letter from Mr C.A. Stein setting out the Wingfield House authorities views on the running of the Home 23 June 1900
8. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf concerning arrangements for transferring five boys to Wingfield House 26 June 1900
9. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf withdrawing one of the above five boys as the clergyman who was helping him did not wish him to go to London 28 June 1900
10. Letter from Mr C.A. Stein acknowledging the arrival of the new boys and offering to take more 29 June 1900
11. Copy letter to Mr C.A. Stein suggesting H. for a place in Wingfield House 2 July 1900
12. Letter from Mr C.A. Stein accepting H. 3 July 1900
13. Copy letter to the Frome Home concerning H's character reference and arrangements for travel to London 4 July 1900
14. Copy letter to Mr C.A. Stein regarding H. 4 July 1900
15. Letter from the Frome Home giving H. a satisfactory reference 6 July 1900
16. Letter from Mr C.A. Stein informing the Revd Edward Rudolf that H. had returned to live with his grandmother 18 March 1901
17. Letter from the Battersea Committee of the Charity Organisation Society concerning H's application to them to help him find a place in domestic service 20 May 1901
18. Copy letter from the Waifs and Strays' Society giving a brief character reference for H. on leaving the Frome Home and referring the Battersea Committee to Wingfield House for a later appraisal of the boy's character 4 June 1901

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