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Case 8455

Case number: 8455
Application year: 1901




Year of birth: 1899
Home: Bersted Home For Boys, Bognor


At the time of the application J. was an orphan. His parents had been respectable people and after his mother had been widowed she managed to support her children with help from the Poor Law Guardians and her wages as a charwoman. Once her health broke down she was compelled to enter the Workhouse and J. was boarded out with elderly foster parents. J's mother died in March 1900 and the following year his foster parents felt that they could no longer care for him. The Chertsey Board of Guardians applied to the Waifs and Strays' Society and J. entered Bersted Home for Boys, Bognor on 18 September 1901. Unfortunately, in September 1902, the Bersted Home had to request that the Chertsey Board of Guardians remove J. as he was "very consumptive" [he was suffering from tuberculosis] and needed to receive treatment in an open air hospital as soon as possible. On 2 October 1902 J. was taken back into the care of the Chertsey Guardians.

Keywords: Health; Workhouses; Law

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 24 August 1901
2. Letter from Chertsey Poor Law authorities to Hedgerley Farm Home enquiring about admission procedures 20 August 1901
3. Letter from Chertsey Poor Law authorities to the Revd E. Rudolf seeking J's admission to Hedgerley Farm Home 20 August 1901
4. Letter from Chertsey Union enclosing application form 24 August 1901
5. Copy letter from Revd E. Rudolf stating that J. can be admitted to the Bersted Home 13 September 1901
6. Letter from Chertsey Union arranging J's journey to Bognor 16 September 1901
7. Postcard detailing admission details 18 September 1901
8. Note from Bersted Home requesting J's removal 23 September 1902
9. Copy letter to Bersted Home concerning J's removal 25 September 1902
10. Copy letter from Revd E. Rudolf to Chertsey Union requesting J's removal 25 September 1902

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