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Case 8587

Case number: 8587
Application year: 1901




Year of birth: 1893
Home: St Nicholas' Home, West Byfleet; St Nicholas' Orthopaedic Hospital And Special School, Pyrford


E. was disabled. She suffered from infantile paralysis and it had affected her right leg. She had not been sent to school because of her disability and the clergyman making the application to the Waifs and Strays' Society felt that this should be remedied. He also felt that in one of the Society's Homes she would have the opportunity, in due course, of learning a trade by which she could support herself. E. was admitted to St Nicholas Home, Byfleet on 4 December 1901 On 25 July 1908 the Home was transferred to Pyrford, near Woking. Much of the correspondence on the file concerns the search for an apprenticeship for E. She was good with her needle and it was thought desirable that she should be apprenticed to a dressmaker or milliner. In 1910 the Campden Charities undertook the cost of apprenticing E. and a situation was found for her in a shop in Kensington High Street. E. started her apprenticeship in early April 1910. In May 1910, a letter was received by the Society, giving details of her progress. This is the final item on the file. The writer states "I am afraid, poor girl, she won't stand shop life. She has had two falls, one on the shop stairs, the other in the street, and been away from Pettits a week each time."

Keywords: Disability; Employment

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 23 October 1901
2. Medical certificate 17 October 1901
3. Medical certificate 18 October 1901
4. Note accepting E. for the Byfleet Home 13 November 1901
5. Letter to Revd S. accepting E. for St Nicholas' Home 14 November 1901
6. Letter from Revd S. about maintenance payments 21 November 1901
7. Letter from Miss B. enquiring about E's progress 3 January1907
8. Letter from E's mother about visiting her daughter 17 July 1909
9. Letter from the Vicar of Kensington about payments for E. 19 November 1909
10. Report about E. on a standard form 23 November 1909
11. Letter from St Nicholas' Home enclosing the above report 23 November 1909
12. Letter from Miss B. discussing the possibility of an apprenticeship for E. 24 November 1909
13. Copy of above letter
14. Letter from St Nicholas's Home to Revd Edward Rudolf enclosing the above letter 25 November 1909
15. Copy letter to St Nicholas' Home from Revd Edward Rudolf requesting that they answer Miss B's letter 26 November 1909
16. Card to Revd Edward Rudolf from St Nicholas' Home saying they have had no reply from Miss B. 12 December 1909
17. Copy letter to Prebendary P. of Kensington about E. 11 January 1910
18. Letter from Prebendary P. about the Campden Trustees paying for E's apprenticeship 14 January 1910
19. Copy letter to Miss B. concerning E's apprenticeship 18 January 1910
20. Letter from Miss B. about suitable places for E. to work 20 January 1910
21. Letter from Miss B. to St Nicholas' Home about E's future employment 25 January 1910
22. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf enquiring about progress in E's case 1 March 1910
23. Letter from Miss B. about the funding for E's apprenticeship 4 March 1910
24. Letter from St Nicholas' Home to Revd Edward Rudolf enclosing the above letter 7 March 1910
25. Copy letter to Prebendary P. about E. 9 March 1910
26. Letter from Prebendary P. about E's apprenticeship 21 March 1910
27. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to Prebendary P. expressing pleasure that the Trustees of the Campden Charities have undertaken to fund E's apprenticeship 22 March 1910
28. Copy letter to Miss B. asking her to arrange for E. to begin her apprenticeship 22 March 1910
29. Letter from Miss B. to St Nicholas' Home discussing E's health and possible dates for her to start work 30 March 1910
30. Letter from Miss B. to Revd Edward Rudolf discussing E's case 30 March 1910
31. Note about E. starting work 1 April 1910
32. Note from Revd Edward Rudolf about E. leaving the Home and going to her mother 4 April 1910
33. Notice of Discharge 4 April 1910
34. Extract of a letter from Miss B. mentioning that E. has had two falls 12 May 1910

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