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Case 866

Case number: 866
Application year: 1886




Year of birth: 1873/74
Home: Leamington Home For Girls


C. was an orphan and was under the care of the Guardians of the Croydon Union. She had presumably been in the Workhouse. The application form has been left mainly blank and appears to have been signed retrospectively following her admission to the Leamington Home on 24 November 1886. Much of the correspondence on the file is undated or the year has been omitted. On 4 August 1887 the Croydon Guardians gave permission for C. to go into service and on 18 August the girl went into service in Westward Ho!, Devon She returned to the Leamington Home in November 1887 and on 13 January 1888 was sent to the Cottage Hospital, Axminster to work under a "good servant". On 7 May 1889 C. went into service in Leamington.

Keywords: Employment; Workhouses

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 4 December 1886
2. Letter about a medical certificate nd
3. Medical certificate 28 December 1886
4. Notice that C. has gone to service in Westward Ho!, Devon.
5. Letter from Mrs Newman enquiring about the possibility of obtaining the services of a girl to work at the Cottage Hospital, Axminster 19 December 1887
6. Letter from the a Local Secretary of the Society to Mr Buchanan enclosing the above letter
7. Letter from Miss Grainger suggesting C. 5 January 1888
8. Letter from Mrs Newman about the arrangements for accepting C. 10 January 1888
9. Letter from Miss Grainger about C. 13 January 1888

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