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Case 8723

Case number: 8723
Application year: 1901




Year of birth: 1890
Home: Helston Home For Boys


W's father died of tuberculosis in 1898. His mother was subsequently accepted by the Cornwall County Nursing Association to train as a district nurse provided she could find a suitable home for W., her only child. After three or four years she would be in a position to support herself and the child. She had no relations who could care for W. while she was training as a district nurse so she was anxious to find him a home where he would be under "good influences and discipline". She was able to contribute £10 a year towards his maintenance. W. was accepted into the Helston Home for Boys on 6 February 1902. Later that year the matron of the Helston Home told W's mother that she felt that the boy would do better in a Home where he would be under the control of a master. It was decided to transfer W. to the House Boy Brigade, Pimlico on 8 September 1902. At this Home W. was maintained free of charge.

Keywords: Behaviour; Employment

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 14 November 1901
2. Report on W's circumstances c. November 1901
3. Letter from Mary Penrose in support of W's case 6 November 1901
4. Medical report on W. 14 November 1901
5. Copy letter to Miss Ratcliffe, Honorary Secretary of the Helston Home 28 November 1901
6. Copy letter to Miss Foster 20 January 1902
7. Letter from Miss Foster 1 February 1902
8. Copy letter to Miss Foster 3 February 1902
9. Copy letter to Miss Ratcliffe 3 February 1902
10. Letter from Miss Foster following W's arrival at the the Helston Home 12 February 1902
11. Part of a letter from Miss Ratcliffe 23 August 1902
12. Letter from Miss Foster passing on the news that W. would do better under the control of a master 24 August 1902
13. Copy letter to Miss Foster 25 August 1902
14. Copy letter to Miss Ratcliffe 25 August 1902
15. Copy letter to Mr Kirby of the Pimlico House Boy Brigade 25 August 1902
16. Letter from Mr Kirby agreeing to take W. 26 August 1902
17. Copy letter to Miss Ratcliffe letting her know the arrangements for W's transfer to London 28 August 1902
18. Letter from Miss Foster concerning maintenance 4 November 1902
19. Copy letter to Miss Foster informing her that W. will be maintained free of charge 5 November 1902

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