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Case 9635

Case number: 9635
Application year: 1903




Year of birth: 1895
Home: St Michael's Home For Boys, Pelsall; Standon Farm Home For Boys


T. was one of seven children. His father had committed suicide being depressed after a long illness and his mother was delicate. She was willing to work but trade was quiet in Walsall at this time and consequently work was hard to come by. The only child working was the eldest girl and her wages were low. It was hoped to find a place for the eldest boy on a Naval Training Ship, but this was proving difficult as he was under age. The clergyman completing the form cites the support that T's parents had given their elderly parents as a point in their favour, demonstrating the goodness of their characters. T. was accepted by the Society and sent to the Pelsall Home, Walsall on 19 May 1903. In June 1903 the clergyman interested in his case reported the child's mother as stating that her son was "very happy". There is some correspondence on the file relating to the maintenance payments for T. His case was taken over by the Dowager Lady Bromley when the boy she had been supporting obtained a free place at St Benet's Home, Caversham. On 26 January 1907 T. was transferred to the Standon Farm Home, Staffordshire. In May 1911 T's mother requested that he be returned to her care. She had married again and seemed "very comfortable." She had a situation in mind for T. who was, by this time, 16 years old. The Society agreed to her request and asked the local clergyman to keep in touch with the boy on his return. T. was restored to his mother on 7 August 1911.

Keywords: Maintenance; Poverty; Suicide

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 22 April 1903
2. Copy of the application form
3. Certificate of the registry of T's birth 21 October 1895
4. Letter from Revd J. requesting help for T's family 17 April 1903
5. Letter from Revd Climpson agreeing to take T. at the Pelsall Home 4 May 1903
6. Letter of thanks from Revd J. 9 May 1903
7. Letter from Revd J. about T. settling in at the Pelsall Home 7 June 1903
8. Copy letter to the Dowager Lady Bromley about her maintenance contributions 3 July 1903
9. Note of money due from Lady Bromley in respect of the boy she had been helping to support [amount mentioned in above letter] July 1903
10. Copy letter thanking Lady Bromley for transferring her contribution to T's support 8 July 1903
11. Letter from A. Millard requesting that T. be returned to his mother 15 May 1911
12. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to Mr Millard asking that the Vicar of the mother's parish write on her behalf 20 June 1911
13. Letter from Revd H. requesting that T. be returned to his mother 25 July 1911
14. Copy letter to Revd H. agreeing to return T. to his mother 28 July 1911
15. Copy letter to Revd Hazard letting him know that T. is to be returned to his mother 28 July 1911
16. Letter from Revd H. about arranging for T's removal from the Standon Farm Home 31 July 1911
17. Notice of discharge of T. from the Standon Farm Home 8 August 1911

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