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Case 9646

Case number: 9646
Application year: 1903




Year of birth: 1893
Home: Scholfield Home For Girls, Wavertree


E. was an orphan at the time of this application to the Waifs and Strays' Society, her parents having died within a few months of each other in the first half of 1903. Her parents had both been alcoholics and in consequence her home was a "wretched" one. Her relations on both sides were respectable working people but her father's family had disowned him and refused to help his children. E's siblings were of good character and doing well at work. E. herself had received a good report from her school. She entered the Scholfield Home, Wavertree, Liverpool in June 1903 where she remained until she sadly died of tubercular meningitis almost exactly two years later on 7 June 1905. [Death rates among children and young people were far higher at this time than they are today, with our improved medical care].

Keywords: Alcohol abuse; Health; Neglect; Siblings; School

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 7 June 1903
2. Copy of E's death certificate 14 June 1905
3. Extract from a letter from G. Norris 15 June 1905
4. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf 16 June 1905
5. Letter from G. Norris 24 June 1905

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