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Case 9838

Case number: 9838
Application year: 1903




Year of birth: 1895
Home: Bristol Diocesan Home For Girls


M's father died of pneumonia in December 1902 leaving his widow with six children. M's mother was not employed at the time of the application but was trying to get work as a charwoman. An application for another child, G., was also being made to the Society. M. was admitted to the Bristol Home on 24 September 1903. Several of the letters on the file concern maintenance payments for M. A lady who wished to remain anonymous had chosen her as the recipient of her donations, but unfortunately she had to cut back on her contributions from September 1905. In February 1911 M. went out every day to look after a toddler. It was hoped that she might get a position as an under Nurse as she was so small that the Home was worried about sending her out to service. In May 1911 M. was placed in service in Bristol, although not with the family whose child she had been looking after.

Keywords: Employment; Health; Maintenance; Poverty

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 9 September 1903
2. Letter from Mrs Nunn-Rivers, the Honorary Secretary of the Bristol Home mentioning maintenance payments for M. 7 November 1911
3. Letter from Mrs Nunn-Rivers enclosing a note of sums of money received 11 November 1911
4. Letter from Miss Hurle of the Bristol Home reporting that the anonymous benefactor was obliged to contribute a smaller sum 15 September 1905
5. Letter from Miss Higgins of the Bristol Home concerning M's employment 10 February 1911
6. Copy letter from Revd E. Rudolf replying to above letter 13 February 1911

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