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Saville House Nursery, Bath

Photograph of Saville House Nursery, Bath

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Saville House Nursery, Bath

Bath, Somerset

(1946 -1970)

In 1946 residents moved to Saville House (also known as Denewood Grange) from Fairfield Home for Babies which was also in Bath. Bath City Council, representatives of which served on the House Committee, joined with the Society in establishing the Nursery, and certain cots were set aside for local babies. At this time this was seen as an 'innovation in management'.

By 1961 the Home had 24 children between the ages of three months and two years. They were placed in four nurseries and from the age of nine months lived in family groups. Near to the Home was a pond where the children would feed the ducks and float toy boats. The Home had a pet cat and dog as well as three goldfish.

In 1965 The Bath Club of the Lions International built a new Pram Shed for the Nursery. The cost of the new shed was covered by the sale of goods donated by local tradesman which raised £240.

From around 1965 the Nursery also functioned as a Training Home for Nursery Students.

In 1970 it was decided that Saville House would no longer be used as a Training Home for Nursery students. Initially it was planned that the building would still be used, but later that year the Home closed permanently.

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