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Ellendeane Home, Bexhill

Photograph of Ellendeane Home, Bexhill

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Ellendeane Home, Bexhill

Bexhill, Sussex

(1908 - 1971)

The Home had first been founded at Egerton Road, Bexhill in 1908 by Mrs Edith Mary Bulwer and Revd E Selwyn-Yates as a Holiday Home for London Children. After Bulwer's death in 1918 the Home was run by Revd Selwy-Yates and after the First World War it was used as a Home for Fatherless Boys. Revd Selwyn-Yates bequeathed the property to Miss de Boeck who was unable to carry on the work of the Home after his death.

In 1943 the Home was transferred to the Society and formally reopened in 1946 after the Second World War as one of the first 'Family Homes'. This meant keeping brothers and sisters together in the same Home wherever possible.

In 1960 the Home was temporarily closed and residents and house parents moved to St Gabriel's Home, Brighton. The Home in Bexhill then acquired new residents.

By 1963 the building had become unsuitable and a larger, more convenient, house was bought in Sutherland Avenue, Bexhill. The original name of 'Ellendeane' was kept.

In 1971 the Home closed and residents moved to Florence Anderson House Home, Ramsgate.

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