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Ingledene, Bowdon

Photograph of Ingledene, Bowdon

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Ingledene, Bowdon

Bowdon, Cheshire

(1946 - 1989)

In 1946 the Society bought the building which had previously housed Ingledene War Nursery. The new Home accommodated 26 children aged 1-5. The Home staff consisted of one Matron, a Sister, four Staff Nurses, eight Student Nurses and a Nursery School Teacher.

By 1958 the home had 26 children who lived in the large Victorian house, which boasted: 'its own wonderful views over the Cheshire plains, lovely light airy rooms with big windows...'. There was also a shrubbery, vegetable garden and orchard.

The Home was a functioning Training School in 1958 and students helped staff with day-to-day running of the Home such as decorating children's bedrooms, producing plays and organising social events as well as looking after children on their days off.

The Home was modernised in 1965 when amenities for both children and staff were increased and improved. The St Christopher's Home for Girls at Altrincham was closed in 1974 because of a new road being built nearby and the residents moved permanently to Ingledene.

By 1983 Bowdon was used as a therapeutic centre which specialised in the care of severely emotionally damaged children and in 1989 the Home established one of the many Teenage Units that existed throughout the country at this time. The units sought to prepare young people for the transition between institutional care and independence. Young people would be taught how to budget and cook, but also be secure in the knowledge that a place to return to was always available. Some young parents would visit the Homes as a place to socialise and seek advice long after they had left.

The Home closed in 1991 and the building was sold in 1992.

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