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Sunnyside Nursery, Box

Photograph of Sunnyside Nursery, Box

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Sunnyside Nursery, Box

Box, Wiltshire

(1930 - 1971)

In 1930 residents of the Admiral and Mrs Arden Close Diocesan Memorial Home were transferred to Box in Wiltshire. The Home was formerly opened by the Duchess of Beauford and dedicated by the Bishop of Malmesbury on 24 September as a Home for Girls aged 4-10.

In 1932 the Home began taking children as young as two years old.

The Home appears to have closed in 1935 and reopened in 1937.

A new wing was built in 1949, equipping the Nursery to take children from birth to five years instead of birth to two years. Around this date the Home began to be known as Sunnyside Nursery.

By 1958 the Nursery housed 31 children aged six weeks to four and a half years old and they were grouped in four units: Rosebuds, Daffodils, Bluebells and the babies who lived in two nurseries on the ground floor. The Home also had several pets including a dog, cat, rabbit, budgerigars and goldfish.

In 1971 Sunnyside Nursery began to accommodate young people with physical disabilities. The Nursery's change in function was in part due to being near the specialist hospitals and clinics in the surrounding area. It was also due to the Society's shift in focus from Residential Care, to more preventative measures, centred on adoption, fostering and rehabilitation. The work at Sunnyside Nursery continued and it became known as Sunnyside Nursery For Disabled Children, Box, Chippenham. The building was finally sold in 1989.

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