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Brackley Home For Boys

No image of this Home exists in the Children's Society Archive. If you have an image of this home please let us know at hlr@childsoc.org.uk.

Brackley Home For Boys

Brackley, Northamptonshire

(1910 - 1921)

There is very little information on Brackley Home within our records, and it is only possible to sketch a brief history. It was opened in 1910, when there was a high demand for new boys' homes. It was also a time of expansion for the Waifs and Strays' Society, with 14 new homes being opened in two years.

Brackley was a modest 'cottage home' located in the countryside near Buckingham, which was capable of housing 12 boys. They were all aged 7-12 years old, and so would have attended the local school. The Honorary Secretary Mr Broughton, looked after the affairs of the Home until its closure in 1921.

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