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St John's Convalescent Home, Kemp Town, Brighton

Photograph of St John's Convalescent Home, Kemp Town, Brighton

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St John's Convalescent Home, Kemp Town, Brighton

Kemp Town, Brighton, Sussex

(1938 - c1960s)

The Home was transferred to the Society in 1938 after first being established in 1875 by Sister Jane Borradaile as a Convalescent Home for up to 84 children.

In 1941 the residents were evacuated because of the Second World War to St John's Convalescent Home, Itchingfield, Sussex. The Home reopened after the war in 1945 and continued to operate as a Convalescent Home until around 1949.

In 1957 the Home was converted to a Special School for what was termed at the time as 'sub-normal' children. The Home was certified for the accommodation of up to 55 children over the age of seven years old.

It is unclear when the Home closed though it is likely to have been in the early 1960s.

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