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Wick House Nursery, Brislington

Photograph of Wick House Nursery, Brislington

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Wick House Nursery, Brislington

Brislington, Bristol

(1925 - c1975)

On 25 April 1925 the new Toddlers' Home at Brislington, Bristol was opened and dedicated by the Duchess of Beaufort and the Archdeacon of Bristol. The House itself was a gift of Mr and Mrs Walter James and the funds needed to alter and equip the Home were raised by local friends of the Society.

In 1936 the Home had an 'epidemic' of chicken pox over the Christmas period causing the annual Christmas Tree Party to be cancelled to outside visitors. A Pound Day was held in the same year and a total of £27 was raised.

In 1941 residents were evacuated becauseof the Second World War to Cholwell House for Babies, Temple Cloud, Somerset, and then in 1945 to Wick House Nursery in Weston-Super-Mare.

After the war the Home reopened and the evacuated residents returned. The Home closed again briefly in 1952 for refurbishments to allow new born babies as well as older children to live there. By 1955 the Home had 22 babies in its care.

The building was again closed for refurbishment in 1962 and reopened two years later after extensive repairs.

Between 1973 and 1975 there were plans to convert the home into a residential unit for girls with disabilities, but in 1975 the former residential nursery began to operate as a Day Care Centre for 20 local children.

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