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Victoria Gibbs Memorial Home For Babies, Bristol

Photograph of Victoria Gibbs Memorial Home For Babies, Bristol

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Victoria Gibbs Memorial Home For Babies, Bristol

Bristol, Gloucestershire

(1920 - 1970)

Victoria Gibbs was the first President of the Committee established to raise funds for the Bristol Maternity Hospital and was also an 'enthusiastic pioneer ' for the Bristol Babies' Home. She died in 1920 and the new Babies' Home was subsequently named after her. It was dedicated on 25 January 1921 by the Bishop of Bristol and opened by Lady Helena Gibbs.

The Home closed in 1940 when residents were evacuated because of the Second World War to Seagry Manor, Chippenham. In 1943 residents were evacuated again from Chippenham to Fairfield Home for Babies, Bath.

After the war new premises were sought as the old Victoria Gibbs building in Somerset Street had been hit by an incendiary bomb.

The Home was eventually reopened in Durdham Street in 1948 and was dedicated by the Bishop of Bristol. The Nursery was situated on the edge of the Downs and with space for 31 children aged up to five years old. The ceiling of the Nursery on the ground floor was painted by an Italian artist, the top of the walls bearing 'a fresco of very fat cherubs playing musical instruments...'.

Victoria Gibbs was closed in 1970 and its staff moved to nearby Homes.

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