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Beckett Denison Home For Girls, Doncaster

Photograph of Beckett Denison Home For Girls, Doncaster

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Beckett Denison Home For Girls, Doncaster

Doncaster, West Riding, Yorkshire

(1901 - 1905)

We do not know much about this home as it was only open for four years and infrequently mentioned in our records. The building in French Gate, which had been in use since 1779, became the Doncaster Girls Home and School of Industry in 1862 and was taken over by the Society in 1901. It housed on average 20 children, aged 7-14. Miss Beckett-Denison formally managed this school and although giving up its administration she still took an active interest in its welfare until it closed.

The old building was not ideal for long-term residence, and the Society purchased a new home in 1905, for the handsome sum of £2,250. The girls moved to their new house (Old Hall in nearby Balby) later in the year, and the Home became known as St Christopher's Home for Girls.

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