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St Aidan's Home for Boys, Fallowfield

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St Aidan's Home for Boys, Fallowfield

Fallowfield, Wall-on-Tyne, Hexham, Northumberland

(1940 - 1945)

Between 1940 and 1945 during the Second World War the residents of St Aidan's, Tynemouth were evacuated to Fallowfield. They went first to St John Lee, using the Church Hut and five rooms at the Rectory. Nine months later they moved to Fallowfield, Wall, near Hexham. The building was a stone farmhouse with a wood panelled room and Fallowfield was described as 'stand[ing] in open country on the slope of a hill below the moors'.

It was also described as being 'Rather isolated, it is true (especially in winter! Many of the boys have never before seen so much snow, which they thoroughly enjoyed in hours of sledging). Once a week the boys think nothing of the four-mile walk to Hexham and back in order to visit the Cinema or to do their personal weekly shopping - sweets!'

There were two large fields used for football, cricket and other games. There was also a wood courtesy of Major E Straker to play in and gather wood. At this point, due to the War, the Home also accommodated boys who were working in Hexham.

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