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Goulds Green Home For Girls

No image of this Home exists in the Children's Society Archive. If you have an image of this home please let us know at hlr@childsoc.org.uk.

Goulds Green Home For Girls

Goulds Green, nr. West Drayton, Middlesex

(1887 - 1893)

Unfortunately we have very little information regarding the Gould Green Home. We believe that the Home was opened in 1887 at the same time as the nearby Hillingdon Heath Home for Girls. Both were defined as cottage homes, which were small homes that usually housed about 10 children under the age of eight. Miss Thomas worked as the Honorary Secretary, organising the finances and administration of the Home.

The Goulds Green Home (also briefly known as Pole Hill in 1890) could accommodate up to 10 girls aged 4-8. When the children were old enough, they were either placed with foster parents in the nearby area, or sent to other Society homes where they could receive training in housework and laundry. These skills would help them to secure employment in later life.

We believe that this home became the Firs Home for Girls in Hillingdon Heath, in 1893.

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