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St Margaret's Home For Girls, Louth

Photograph of St Margaret's Home For Girls, Louth

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St Margaret's Home For Girls, Louth

66 Victoria Road, Louth, Lincolnshire

(1912 - 1969)

The Bishop of Lincoln dedicated St Margaret's Home For Girls in October 1912. The ceremony was so popular that everywhere from the playroom to the workroom was 'packed to the last inch' with well wishers.

This 'nest for human fledglings', as the Society called it, was situated at 66, Victoria Road, Louth in a building especially designed by EJ May. St Margaret's could house 30 girls, who slept in two 'handsome and airy dormitories'. The Society insisted that there was to be ample place to play, a garden, and an orchard. The Honorary Secretary was Mrs Deakins when the Home opened.

Like many of the other Society homes, St Margaret's gained strong bonds with the local community through events and fundraisers. In 1913 the Home benefitted from the proceeds of a 'sale of work' in the garden of a Mrs EM Deakins. A 'garden meeting' also followed - where the Revd A Hunt, who was also the Mayor of Louth, urged people to support the Society's work. The very next day St Margaret's Home reprised the whole event in their garden - and the girls staged an open-air concert, including performances of two plays, The Spirit of Harmony and The Frog's Wooing. The two events together raised £38 and 18 shillings - a not inconsiderable amount of money at the time.

St Margaret's started caring for boys, as well as girls, and finally closed in 1969.

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