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Netherton Home For Girls, Nedderton

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Netherton Home For Girls, Nedderton

Nedderton, Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland

(1889 - 1892)

Established in the North where 'hearts are warm, though cold the temperature', this home started life in Newcastle as an independent home. The Home moved the 15 miles to the hamlet of Nedderton, when an excellent property became available in 1889 - the same year that the Home was transferred to the Society. The building was a fine old manor house, shaded by trees and near sloping, green pasture fields. The big and spacious house could easily accommodate 40 girls (aged 3-16).

The younger ones were taught in the Home by the staff, while the older girls attended Canon Whitley's National School in the village. The girls also received religious education in the drawing-room, which doubled as a private chapel. The girls were all trained in various kinds of housework, as well laundry and nursing - they all took turns to look after the baby of the house.

The Home was only open for three years under the Society, before moving to Cullercoats in 1892. This became to St Oswald's Home for Girls, which did not officially open until 1896.

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