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Newchurch In Rossendale Home For Girls

Photograph of Newchurch In Rossendale Home For Girls

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Newchurch In Rossendale Home For Girls

Newchurch in Rossendale, nr. Manchester, Lancashire

(1905 - 1915)

We have little information on Newchurch In Rossendale Home, as it is rarely mentioned in our records. The Home was already in existence before the Society took it over in 1905, and could accommodate 18 girls aged 8-14. The Home's first Honorary Secretary, Mrs Mitchell Brooks, held the post until 1908 when she was replaced by Miss Jackson, who stayed until 1912.

Christmas was always a very special time for children in the Society's care. The small village became very loud indeed at Christmas time, when it was customary for everyone to line the streets and sing carols. No one was left out at Christmas, even Paddy, the Home's dog, whose present one year was a teddy bear with only one arm!

When the Home closed in 1915, the children were transferred to Clitheroe.

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