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St Mark's Nursery Home For Girls, Tregarth

Photograph of St Mark's Nursery Home For Girls, Tregarth

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St Mark's Nursery Home For Girls, Tregarth

Tregarth, Caernarfon, Caernarvonshire

(1893 - 1921)

This home was already in operation before it was transferred to the Society in 1893, along with St Mark's Home for Girls in nearby Caernarfon. The Lord Bishop of the Bangor diocese dedicated a bigger and more suitable building for the Home in December 1896. Rather than only housing six girls aged six months to five years, this new building was certified for 12 girls who were aged 5-12. When the girls reached 12 years of age they were sent to the Caernarfon Home, where they learned laundry work, cookery and domestic skills.

Standing amongst 'glorious mountain scenery' St Mark's was commonly known as the Nursery Cottage Home, or just the Bangor Home. The girls, with help from the Matron Mrs Harris and Honorary Secretary Miss CV Sackville West, would decorate the large kitchen with brightly coloured paper when they had visitors, to make it look cheery.

Miss Sackville West left in 1898 but her replacement is not documented. In the same year St Mark's Nursery Home For Girls, rather confusingly, changed its name to purely St Mark's Home for Girls. In 1916 the Redv Minor Canon Eastwood became the Home's Honorary Secretary. The Home closed five years later in 1921.

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