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White House Home For Girls, Witley

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White House Home For Girls, Witley

Witley, Stourport, Worcestershire

(1902 - 1904)

Unfortunately our records tell us very little about this Home, as it was only part of the Waifs and Strays' Society for two years.

The Home was handed over to the Society in 1902, though it may have been independently run for some time previously. Many small cottage homes came into the Society through this route, having been established through an individual's private initiative. In the case of White House, we believe that the Home was founded and owned by Lady Dudley. Other important individuals included Colonel Currie who worked as the Home's Secretary, and Lady Johnson who held the post of Treasurer.

White House could accommodate 12 girls, who were aged 12-16. Society girls of this age were usually given training in domestic skills, like housework and laundry. It is more than likely that this formed an important part of life in the Witley Home.

We believe that White House Home closed in 1904, as it disappears from our records in that year. Lady Dudley maintained her links with the Society, and donated all the paintings that had formerly hung on the walls of White House. These were used to decorate the new home in Beckenham, which opened in 1905.

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