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Little Mike

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I am 3 years old and my name is mike
I live on the streets because I got no home
I'm angry and sad because my mum has just died.

I'm shivering, I'm freezing
I'm sooooooooo hungry
I'm rotting in my clothes so old
I want to be clean and warm.

I cry and moan all night long
I hate it here my mum aint home
I cry and cry and dream of my mum
Who says don't worry son I'm here with you

The pram is wobbly I feel like I'm gonna fall
I don't feel safe in here I'm gonna fall
Its rusty and old my heart has gone
I want my mum

I care I care I care
I really want my mum
Please, please, please
Ill beg on my knees

My brothers want to love me more
They know I'm upset and sore
My brothers cry as they see my cry
They try and make me laugh but it don't work

Sleeping on the streets with no place to call home
No one to love me
No one to care
Dreaming of being in heaven with my mum.

by a pupil at The City of London Academy

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