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Case 1109

Case number: 1109
Application year: 1887




Year of birth: 1879
Home: Home Of The Good Shepherd For Boys, Hanley Castle


C's father was uncontrollably violent and was put into Wells Asylum. A little later C. went to live with his grandfather. However, in 1885 the grandfather committed suicide by cutting his own throat. C. went back to live with his mother, but she was very poor. C. was taken into the Sunnyside Home for Boys, Frome, Somerset on 27 August 1887 and was later transferred to the Hanley Castle Home, Worcestershire in August 1888. He returned to his family in December 1889. In January 1890 the Hanley Castle Home received information that C. was being neglected at home, but there is no record of him returning to the Society's care.

Keywords: Grandparents; Mental health; Neglect; Poverty; Suicide

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 29 July 1887
2. Letter from E. to Mrs B., Frome home c.1887
3. Letter from Mrs B., Frome home 12 August 1889
4. Letter from Harriette Garden 20 August 1889
5. Letter from Mrs Johnson, Malvern & Worcester home 12 August 1889
6. Letter from G.T. Fieldwick, Hanley Castle 14 November 1889
7. Letter from the Frome home 19 November 1889
8. Letter from G.T. Fieldwick, Hanley Castle 10 December 1889
9. Letter from G.T. Fieldwick, Hanley Castle 6 January 1890

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