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Case 3303

Case number: 3303
Application year: 1892




Year of birth: 1887
Home: Byfleet Receiving Home


G's father murdered his wife and then committed suicide, leaving four children as orphans. G. was boarded out in October 1892 near Bury St. Edmunds where he lived until early 1899. The Society then wanted to send him to a Home where he could learn to earn his own living. In March 1899 he went temporarily to the Receiving House in Byfleet where there was an outbreak of scarlet fever. G. had an operation on his tonsils. In August, when he had recovered, G. was able to go to the House-Boy Brigade Home in Pimlico, which was run independently of the Waifs and Strays' Society. Between July and December 1902 he worked as a pageboy in Downderry, Cornwall. He was then interested in joining the Royal Navy.

Keywords: Crime; Employment; Foster care; Health; Mental health; Murder; Suicide

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 13 September 1892
2. Letter from M. J. Moline 2 November 1892
3. Letter to Revd Edward Rudolf from Mary Bolton, Shimply Rectory c. 7 November 1892
4. Letter to Revd W.D. Lawson 14 February 1899
5. Letter to Mrs S. 17 February 1899
6. Letter from the Byfleet Home 1 April 1899
7. Letter from the Byfleet Home 9 August 1899
8. Letter to Mr Kirby, Secretary of the House-Boy Brigade 10 August 1899
9. Letter from Mr Kirby, Secretary of the House-Boy Brigade 12 August 1899
10. Letter to G's uncle 21 October 1899
11. Letter from Mrs S. to the Cornwall Coastguard c. 1 December 1902
12. Letter from the Cornwall Coastguard 3 December 1902
13. Letter from the Pimlico House-Boys Brigade 5 December 1902
14. Letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to G's uncle 6 December 1902
15. Letter from the Pimlico House-Boys Brigade to the Cornwall Coastguard 13 December 1902

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