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Byfleet Receiving Home

Photograph of Byfleet Receiving Home

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Byfleet Receiving Home

Byfleet, nr. Weybridge, Surrey

(1893 - 1904)

This home was next door to the St Nicholas' Home, and they were both opened on the same day in 1893. As a receiving home it had an important function within the Waifs and Strays' Society. Children stayed here for a short period of time, until a permanent place in a home was found. This was often the first experience of care that a child received, and it was an important stage of transition in their new life.

Another function of the Home was to provide temporary accommodation for children who were to be placed with foster parents. Byfleet was the first home to introduce this measure, and it was seen as highly innovative. The number of children in the Home varied according to need, peaking at 11 in 1893.

The Home was only open for 11 years, appearing to close in 1904.

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