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Case 9126

Case number: 9126
Application year: 1902




Year of birth: 1891
Home: Byfleet Receiving Home; Kensington Training School For Girls


E's father had been in Hanwell Lunatic Asylum for 9 years at the time of this application. Her mother was extremely poor and worked hard as a charwoman, earning little money. E. had grown up brothers but they were mostly out of work and the youngest boy had a "weak intellect" which made it impossible for him to remain in a situation for any length of time and left him dependent on his mother. E's mother lost a good deal of money when she took in a lodger who turned out to be a "terrible drunkard" who never paid his rent. The family were forced to move to cheaper rooms where they were all "much too closely packed together." When her mother was out at work E. was left to her own devices and ran about the streets alone or with her youngest brother who was described as a "very undesirable companion." E. was admitted to the Byfleet Receiving Home on 21 July 1902. On 1 September 1902 she entered the Training School for Girls, Kensington. She remained there until she was placed in service in Kensington on 31 March 1908. On 10 April 1908 she was re-admitted to the Kensington Home as she was not equal to the work. On 4 June 1908 she was again placed in service, this time in Onslow Gardens, London SW.

Keywords: Mental health; Poverty

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 17 June 1902
2. Letter from Miss J. commending E's case 6 June 1902
3. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf deferring the case to find out if E's mother was Roman Catholic 24 June 1902
4. Letter from Miss J. saying that E's mother was a member of the Church of England and giving more details of the case 24 June 1902
5. Copy letter to Miss J. giving the decision to accept E. providing a contribution towards her support could be guaranteed 8 July 1902
6. Letter from Miss J. discussing the maintenance payment 18 July 1902
7. Notice of change of situation 5 June 1908

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