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Case 4488

Case number: 4488
Application year: 1894

F (G)



Year of birth: 1888
Home: Lowestoft Church Home For Girls


G's father was blind, apparently caused by a venereal disease he caught from his wife. Her mother ran away with another man, and was given to drunken binges and wild behaviour. G's elder sister was living in a home for "fallen girls". G. was boarded out with a Miss Parker in Suffolk in October 1894. In January 1897 she went to live at the Lowestoft Church Home for Girls.

Keywords: Abandonment; Alcohol abuse; Behaviour; Disability; Health; Welfare organisations

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 14 September 1894
2. Letter from I N Clarke 15 October 1894
3. Letter from St. Giles' Vicarage 16 October 1894
4. Letter from St. Giles' Vicarage 24 October 1894
5. Letter from Miss Parker 19 March 1895
6. Letter from National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children 22 April 1895
7. Copy of letter to G's father 29 April 1895
8. Letter from G's father c. 29 April 1895
9. Letter from Mrs Parker 25 October 1895
10. Letter from Mrs Parker c. 27 October 1895
11. Letter from G's father c. 30 October 1896
12. Letter from B Douchly Hon. Sec. Lowestoft Church Home for Girls 7 November 1896
13. Notice of discharge 23 May 1905

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