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Case 5977

Case number: 5977
Application year: 1897




Year of birth: 1889
Home: Talbot Manor Home For Boys, Bournemouth


J's mother was widowed in December 1896 when her husband was asphyxiated by gas in New York, USA, where he had gone to look for work. She was left with four young children and was only earning about 8 shillings a week as a book sewer. The Poor Law authorities were allowing her some "out relief" [assistance given outside the Workhouse], but it was hard for her to make ends meet. The initial application was for J. and one of his brothers who was delicate. The local vicar felt that the less robust boy was unlikely to do well in the poor and crowded environment of Walworth, London where the family lived. The mother of the boys wished however to keep the delicate child at home. J. was admitted into the Talbot Manor Home for Boys, Bournemouth in June 1897 and remained there until his mother requested his return home. The family (described as "very respectable") hoped to get J. into Smiths Print Works in the Strand, where one of his uncles had worked for 25 years. He was returned to his mother on 22 September 1903.

Keywords: Poverty; Law

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 1 June 1897
2. Letter from Revd H. 15 May 1897
3. Postcard from Revd H. 7 June 1897
4. Letter from Colonel Hammond of the Talbot Home 28 June 1897
5. Postcard from Revd H. 2 July 1897
6. Letter from Rear Admiral Castle of the Talbot Home 8 September 1903
7. Copy letter from J's mother [enclosed with above letter] c. September 1903
8. Note from Revd H. 11 September 1903
9. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf to Admiral Castle 14 September 1903
10. Notice of J's discharge from the Talbot Home 23 September 1903

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