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Case 6428

Case number: 6428
Application year: 1898




Year of birth: 1887
Home: Tattenhall Home For Boys


J's mother was dead and his father had been paralysed in an accident. It is not entirely clear from the file whether this happened while he was at work. At the time of the application J's father was in a Home for the Disabled and the family were completely dependant on the eldest daughter. She had to pay 7/- 6d per week to her father's Home, which meant she would not be able to afford to pay anything for her younger siblings. J. was admitted to the Tattenhall Home for Boys, Cheshire on 5 May 1898. He remained there until 1 August 1901 when he was returned to his sister's care.

Keywords: Disability; Maintenance; Poverty; Siblings

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 25 March 1898
2. Letter from Mrs S. seeking help for J. and his sister 18 March [1898]
3. Letter from Mrs S. giving news of J's father's employers 29 March [1898]
4. Letter from the Tattenhall Home saying they will admit J. 20 April 1898
5. Letter from Mrs S. about J's admission nd
6. Letter from the Tattenhall Home mentioning that J. will arrive that day 5 May 1898
7. Letter about J's maintenance payments 11 May [1898]
8. Notice of discharge from Tattenhall Home 8 August 1901

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