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Tattenhall Home For Boys

Photograph of Tattenhall Home For Boys

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Tattenhall Home For Boys

Tattenhall, Cheshire

(1896 - 1936)

This Home's origins lay with the Kingsley Hall Home for Boys. In 1896 that home relocated to Tattenhall, and was renamed the Tattenhall Home For Boys. The Lord Bishop of Chester opened the Home on 23 July 1896. The Honorary Secretary was Miss Joyce, Mr and Mrs Hicks were the boys' master and matron. In total the Home could house between 40-45 five boys, who were aged 8-15.

Life in the 1890s was very different to how it is in children's homes today. A typical day at the Tattenhall Home started at 5.30am when two boys, who were called the fire-boys, got up to clean and light the stoves that heated the water. This meant that the other boys could wash in the morning when they got up at 6.30am. All the boys would then be inspected by the school captain - to make sure that they were presentable. After the beds were made each boy got to work with their chores, usually helping to clean the Home. Then the boys had 15 minutes of exercises. At 8am they said morning prayers in the dining room, prior to breakfast. When the boys had finished eating they had band practice, and then at 8.50am they went the village school, which was only just down the road. Lunch was at 12.15pm in the Home and afterwards they were allowed to play until 1.20pm when the boys left for school again. Home time was at 4pm and again they were allowed to play until tea at 5.30pm. After eating they had evening prayers and band practice until 7pm. By 8.15pm all boys were in bed, ready for another day.

It was felt around 1902 that the Home was in an unsatisfactory state, and so a 'Home Fund' was set up to raise enough money for renovation and an enlargement. This was completed in 1904 and cost £1,300.

The Home closed in 1936 because of the poor state of the building.

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