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Case 9350

Case number: 9350
Application year: 1902




Year of birth: 1893
Home: St Aidan's Home For Boys, Whitley; Tattenhall Home For Boys; Standon Farm Home For Boys


C. was an orphan, both his parents had died of tuberculosis. Following his mother's death C. and his brother were living with their married sister who was regarded as their Guardian. The sister wrote to an uncle and aunt for help maintaining the children but they replied that as they had their own families to support they could do nothing. The sister then said the same thing so the boys were sent to Morpeth Workhouse. The employers of another brother who had died while working as a groom were interested in the orphaned children "and they [were] going to subscribe to the Home". C. was admitted to St Aidan's Home, Whitley on 20 December 1902. Application was made for his brother to be sent to the Northern Counties Orphanage. In July 1904 it was reported from St Aidan's Home that C. had been caught "in various acts of theft". The boy had been talked to and punished and he although he promised not to offend again he had done so. The authorities at the Home were worried because nothing they did seemed to have any effect on the boy and they wanted advice on how to proceed. It was decided that C. would do better in a Home for older boys where he was under the charge of a Master and on 12 August 1904 he was transferred to the Tattenhall Home for Boys in Cheshire. Unfortunately in April 1905 the Secretary of the Home reported that C. had again been stealing. She feared that the boy was "a regular thief" and it might be difficult to make him mend his ways. On 7 April 1905 C. was transferred to the Standon Farm Home for Boys in Staffordshire and in May 1909 he went out to work as a Groom in Bridgend, Glamorgan.

Keywords: Behaviour; Health; Workhouses

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 9 December 1902
2. Copy letter querying why application to the Society had only been made for C. and not for his brother as well 23 December 1902
3. Letter from Miss Beatrice Wilkinson, the Honorary Secretary to St Aidan's Home, regarding C. and his brother 26 December 1902
4. Letter from St Aidan's Home concerning C's behaviour. He had been caught stealing. 29 July 1904
5. Copy letter from Revd Edward Rudolf about transferring C. to another Home 30 July 1904
6. Letter from Miss Beatrice Wilkinson requesting C. be transferred to a Home with a Master 2 August 1904
7. Copy letter to the Tattenhall Home requesting they give C. a trial 2 August 1904
8. Letter from the Tattenhall Home requesting C's removal because he had been caught stealing 2 April 1905
9. Notice of discharge from the Standon Farm Home 22 May 1909

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