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Case 9402

Case number: 9402
Application year: 1903




Year of birth: 1893
Home: Dover Home For Boys; St George's Home for Boys, Tunbridge Wells; Islington Technical Home


H's father died of a brain tumour in May 1902. His mother was "clean and willing to work" but was not able to do so while she had several children to care for. Her youngest child was only a few months old when his father died. She had done some "scrubbing" at the Infirmary and had given satisfaction. Her children were well cared for. H. was admitted to the Dover Home on 30 January 1903. His mother stated that she wanted to have him back to live with her if her position improved. In 1906 the Dover Home closed and the boys were transferred to Tunbridge Wells. H. was transferred to the Islington Home on 4 October 1907. His mother now wished him to return home, he was 14 and able to earn his own living. "The risks of the boy going to work in the Borough" [Southwark] were pointed out to her but she felt that she would be able to give him a good start and hoped that he would eventually work with her in the Infirmary. H. had expressed a wish to join the Navy but his mother was strongly opposed to this. On 18 October 1907 H. returned to his mother In January 1908 the Society requested the Camberwell clergy to keep an eye on H. and they were able to reply that he had joined the Church Lad's Brigade. In February 1909 H. was sent to the Pimlico House-Boy Brigade to see if they could help him find a situation. They offered to admit him until they could get him something, although it might have taken a while as he was a little deaf. His mother chose to keep him at home so that he might help her.

Keywords: After care; Disability; Employment

Items: 1. Application to the Waifs and Strays' Society 14 January 1903
2. Letter from H's mother January 1903
3. Extract from a letter to Miss A. Nelson, of the Tunbridge Home 28 January 1907
4. Business card for Castle Brothers , Builders etc., of the Borough, Southwark
5. Report on H. 15 October 1907
6. Letter from Miss V. Hopgood 17 October 1907
7. Copy letter to Miss Hopgood asking her to continue supporting other children in the Society's care 18 October 1907
8. Copy letter to Mr W.D. Carrick [Vicar of St George, Camberwell?] requesting support for H. 8 January 1908
9. Letter from St George, Camberwell about H. 17 January 1908
10. Letter from Mr J.H. Kirby of the Pimlico House-Boy Brigade 4 February 1909

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