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Case 9616

Case number: 9616
Application year: 1903




Year of birth: 1896
Home: Leicester Working Boys' Home


J's father was killed in an accident on 15 October 1902. He was buried under a fall of earth in a brick field at Peterborough. His widow was practically blind and therefore unable to work at all. She received some compensation after her husband's death but was obliged to live on the money so it was not going to last very long. She had gone to live for a time with her husband's elderly parents and was expecting another baby around the time of this application. It was felt that if one or two children could be helped by the Society the widow and her remaining children could be cared for by relatives. J. was admitted to the Leicester Boys Home on 25 May 1903. He later expressed a desire to become a drummer in the Army and on 20 December 1910 was transferrred to the Gordon Boys Home, Woking. This Home was not run by the Waifs and Strays' Society, it appears to have trained boys who wished to join the armed forces. There is one further mention of J. on the case paper; on 26 August 1913 he was placed in a situation in Chislehurst.

Keywords: Disability; Grandparents

Items: 1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 31 January 1903
2. Note of thanks from Revd N. 19 February 1903
3. Letter from the Honorary Secretary of the Leicester Home, Mrs Frances Faire 23 February 1903
4. Letter from Mrs Faire about a place at the Home for J. 26 April 1903
5. Copy letter to Revd N. concerning arrangements for J's admission 18 May 1903
6. Admission card. [J. mistakenly called W.] 26 May 1903
7. Extract from a letter received from Miss Wykes of the Leicester Home 9 July 1910
8. Copy letter to Miss Wykes concerning J's possible transfer to the Gordon Boys Home, Woking 21 July 1910
9. Copy letter to J's mother 29 July 1910
10. Copy letter to the Gordon Boys Home 8 August 1910
11. Extracts from letters concerning J's transfer to the Gordon Boys Home 6 September and 6 December 1910
12. Copy letter concerning arrangements for J's admission to the Gordon Boys Home 16 December 1910

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